Insulspan Spandrel Glass

Insulite manufactures ceramic spandrel glass for use in non-vision glass areas of curtain wall and window construction. Spandrel glass is used to mask the unsightly building construction material that may be contained within a window opening area(s) so that it cannot be seen from the exterior of the building. Some typical examples of this would be areas above ceilings and floors lines in curtainwalls or knee walls that join or attach to the window framing.

Insulite suggests that all spandrel glass never be used without a uniform opaque background. Areas to avoid would be transoms, sidelites or any area where backup material is not available or present

Insulspan ceramic enamel is comprised of minute glass particles mixed with a medium and pigment then applied to the glass surface by the roll-coating process. The enamel is then fired to create a permanent coating. Insulte uses Ferro enamel, the most widely accepted ceramic enamel in the industry, which is lead free. Insulspan ceramic spandrel can be applied to the # 2 surface of monolithic clear, tinted or pyrolytic reflective glass or the # 2, 3, or 4th surface of insulating glass.

Insulspan gives the Architect/Designer an opportunity to provide a look harmonious with the vision glass or create a unique appearance with an array of (12) Insulspan standard colors. Insulite can also produce custom color Insulspan upon request.

Please contact Insulite for any additional information on Insulspan

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