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Insulspan Spandrel 

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Insulite specializes in crafting ceramic spandrel glass, specifically designed for application in non-vision glass areas of curtain wall and window constructions. The purpose of spandrel glass is to conceal the unattractive building materials that might lie within a window opening, ensuring they remain hidden from the building's exterior view. Common instances include regions above ceilings and floor lines in curtain walls or knee walls that connect to the window framing. By using spandrel glass, the overall aesthetic appeal of the building is enhanced, creating a seamless and visually pleasing exterior appearance.

Insulite strongly advises against the use of spandrel glass without a consistent opaque background. It is essential to ensure that areas such as transoms, sidelites, or any location lacking backup material are avoided for this purpose. Without a uniform opaque background, the spandrel glass may not achieve its intended functionality, compromising the overall appearance and design integrity of the building. To maintain a seamless and aesthetically pleasing outcome, it is crucial to adhere to this recommendation and utilize spandrel glass only in conjunction with an appropriate and consistent opaque background.

Insulspan ceramic enamel is a composite of finely-ground glass particles blended with a medium and pigment, and it is skillfully applied to the glass surface using the roll-coating process. Once applied, the enamel undergoes firing to establish a durable and lasting coating. For this purpose, Insulite employs Ferro enamel, which is widely recognized and accepted in the industry for its lead-free composition.

The versatility of Insulspan ceramic spandrel allows it to be effectively applied to various glass types. It can be used on the #2 surface of monolithic clear, tinted, or pyrolytic reflective glass. Additionally, it is suitable for application on the #2, #3, or #4 surface of insulating glass. This flexibility ensures that the ceramic spandrel can be utilized in a wide range of construction scenarios while maintaining its high-quality performance and appearance.


Uniform Curtain Wall Appearance and Concealment:

This product provides a uniform curtain wall appearance, giving a seamless and consistent look to the building's exterior. Moreover, it effectively conceals internal structures or services, contributing to a clean and aesthetically pleasing facade.

Versatile Insulation Options:

With a focus on meeting various performance requirements, this product offers a range of insulation options. This ensures that the building's energy efficiency and thermal performance can be tailored to specific needs and local climate conditions.

Non-Discoloration from Internal Condensation or Volatile Deposits:

The material used in this product is designed to resist discoloration caused by internal condensation or the buildup of volatile substances. This feature ensures that the appearance of the curtain wall remains unaffected over time, maintaining its visual appeal.

Durability and Safety:

Engineered for long-lasting performance, this product boasts exceptional durability. It meets the requirements for toughened safety glass, providing an added layer of protection for occupants and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistance:

The material used in this product is highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attacks. This feature not only extends its lifespan but also ensures the integrity of the curtain wall, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Easy Installation and Minimal Maintenance:

Designed for easy installation, this product streamlines the construction process. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs and efforts over time.

Wide Range of Customization:

To cater to diverse architectural preferences and design requirements, this product is available in an extensive selection of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. This variety empowers architects and builders to choose the most suitable option for their specific project needs.




Spandrel Video

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Coating Thickness: 3 to 5 Mils - Suitable for exterior 

viewing only.

Insulspan is not intended for use in vision wall areas. Instead, Insulspan ceramic frit spandrel should be glazed in non-vision areas, placed against a consistent opaque background. It should not be utilized in situations where it may be visible with natural or artificial light from the opposite side, such as transoms, partitions, or any scenario where a uniform opaque background cannot be achieved.

Insulspan can be utilized in structurally glazed applications, but it's important to note that a clear leading edge of 0" to 1/8" might be visible. Additionally, please be aware that all edges are seamed and not polished in this context.

Insulspan Inspection Guidelines

  • When observing spandrel glass from a 15 ft. distance under natural daylight conditions, it is important to note that color and reflectance might exhibit variations compared to when viewed against a uniform, opaque background. It is essential to understand that such variations do not indicate a defect in the product.

  • When examining spandrel glass under comparable conditions, the presence of reflected pinholes and scratches should not be regarded as defects, provided they are not conspicuous or obstructive. In such instances, these minor imperfections can be considered acceptable and do not compromise the overall quality of the glass.

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