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Overland Park, KS


Completed in 2013

Previously housed in a nondescript downtown Kansas City office building, AMC's Theatre Support Center underwent a transformative shift, fueled by a desire to cultivate cultural change and embrace its pivotal role in the entertainment industry.

At the core of this metamorphosis stands a central stairway system—a physical and symbolic embodiment of AMC's vision and values. This architectural marvel not only facilitates vertical movement but also serves as an innovative office gathering space and multilevel theater. Digital media walls adorning the stairwell stream the latest movie trailers and news, transforming it into a dynamic hub for employee interaction and engagement.

Complementing this central feature is an open office floor plan, designed to foster communication and collaboration. With a diverse range of meeting spaces and a staggering 17,000 square feet of whiteboard surfaces, the environment sparks creativity and innovation, encouraging continuous brainstorming and idea sharing.

As visitors navigate the space, they encounter a graphic history wall chronicling AMC's evolution, celebrating its illustrious journey within the film industry. Vibrant splashes of red accentuate the company's brand identity, while digital media walls showcase company news and custom movie-inspired graphics, reinforcing AMC's stature in the entertainment realm.

Notably, the building's exterior is adorned with a distinctive glass pattern reminiscent of theater curtains, serving as a subtle homage to AMC's cinematic heritage. This architectural detail further underscores AMC's enduring influence and commitment to shaping the entertainment landscape.

Size: 120,000 SF

Glass Types:

1/4" Clear SB60 (2) TE | 1/2" Black A.S. | 1/4" Clear TE

1/4" Clear SB60 (2) TE | 1/2" Black A.S. | 1/4 Clear w/ Print (3) TE


Tel: 913-780-2233


780 W Frontier Ln

Olathe, KS 66061

Tel: 314-773-7600


509 Rte 66 Business Pkwy

Pacific, MO 63069

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