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Omaha, NE

Girls, INC.
Omaha, NE

Completed in 2016

Named in honor of a trailblazing figure within Omaha Public Schools, the Katherine Fletcher Center stands as a testament to progress and empowerment in the Omaha community. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of Girls, Inc. programs in the area, this innovative center encompasses a range of facilities dedicated to health, fitness, education, and parking solutions.

Breaking ground in May 2014, Lund-Ross embarked on the construction of this 55,000-square-foot addition. Strategically located adjacent to the existing Girls, Inc. facility on North 45th Street, the center serves as a beacon of opportunity and support for the community. Within its walls, one finds a comprehensive array of amenities, including a spacious gymnasium, an expanded fitness center, a dedicated teen room, a modern media center, and a cutting-edge health clinic.

the health clinic represents a significant step forward in providing essential healthcare services to both Girls, Inc. members and residents of North Omaha. Notably, the project was completed seamlessly, adhering to both budgetary constraints and strict timelines. In May 2016, the Girls, Inc. Katherine Fletcher Center emerged as a symbol of achievement, resilience, and community spirit.

Size: 55,000 SF

Glass Types:

1/4" Clear SB70 (2) TE | 1/2" Black Argon A.S. | 1/4" Clear TE

1/4" Clear w/ Print (2) TE | 1/2" Black Argon A.S. | 1/4" Optigray SB70 (3) TE  


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