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Overland Park, KS


Completed in 2014

The Museum at Prairiefire emerges as a vibrant regional hub, inviting the community to immerse themselves in world-class educational exhibits from the esteemed American Museum of Natural History. Designed to satisfy the hunger for broader cultural and scientific experiences, the museum's architecture serves as a beacon, celebrating the rich tapestry of the region while inspiring excitement and discovery.

Drawing inspiration from the unique beauty of the Kansas tallgrass prairie, the architectural concept mirrors the imagery of prairie fires—a symbol of regeneration and vitality. Rolling stone forms provide a backdrop for vibrant "lines of fire", dynamically brought to life through multi-colored iridescent stainless steel panels and innovative glass. These fiery elements physically engage visitors, igniting their curiosity and sense of wonder.

The playful, sculptural, and colorful design of the museum captivates and draws visitors in, creating an atmosphere of excitement and exploration. Upon entering the Great Hall, guests are greeted by an inviting expanse that seamlessly transitions from street to wetlands. Within this space, the fire-inspired shapes form unique volumetric spaces, constantly shifting in scale and offering countless opportunities for discovery.

To evoke the ephemeral nature of flames, the walls of the "lines of fire" are meticulously designed to be as thin as possible. Narrow tube columns spaced at intervals encourage visitors to navigate between them, creating an illusion of weightlessness and fluidity. This absence of apparent structure allows the Great Hall volume to appear to float, dynamically enveloping visitors and enhancing their immersive experience within the museum's captivating realm.

Size: 41,000 SF

Glass Types:

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