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Nashville, TN

Vanderbuilt UNIVERSITY

Completed in 2022

A renovation project at a historic academic institution involved the refurbishment of a pair of brick buildings constructed in 1912 and 1914. The task included renovating a combined 55,000 square feet within the existing structures and designing a 16,000-square-foot connector, to link the two Beaux Arts buildings. This new glass volume incorporates classrooms, open spaces, a cafe, a wellness room, and addresses ADA accessibility concerns—a common challenge on many historic university campuses.

The western facade, deemed "one of the most crucial aspects in the design of the Connector building," showcases an all-glass elevation that highlights the three-story atrium addition. Through the glass, the circulation of the building and a 40-foot green wall, spanning the height of the atrium, are visible. On the opposite side, the glass is embedded into a limestone-paneled entrance. The glass's reflectivity mirrors the nearby trees, serving as inspiration for the frit pattern, designed to emulate "tree trunks, slender, and spaced out." This pattern increases in density as it ascends the facade, mirroring the shape of a tree. Additionally, the glass leverages natural shading provided by the surrounding trees, effectively reducing heat gain without incurring additional costs.

Size: 16,000 SF Connector 

Glass Types:

1/4" ES28 (2) TE | 1/2" Black A.S. | 1/4" Clear TE w/ Custom Ceramic Frit White Line Pattern (3)


Tel: 913-780-2233


780 W Frontier Ln

Olathe, KS 66061

Tel: 314-773-7600


509 Rte 66 Business Pkwy

Pacific, MO 63069

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